Oneflow: The IRD Approved electronic billing software in Nepal

Posted on 2022-11-09 by Isha Raut

Empowering Nepalese Businesses: OneFlow's IRD-Approved Free Accounting Software

In the dynamic landscape of Nepalese business, the quest for reliable, affordable, and IRD-approved accounting software has led us to a game-changer - OneFlow. Beyond the conventional narrative, this piece will delve into the pivotal moment when the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Nepal gave its stamp of approval to OneFlow as an authorized Electronic Billing Software, transforming the financial management landscape for businesses across the nation.

Unraveling OneFlow: The IRD-Approved Game-Changer

In an era where businesses seek financial solutions that are not just efficient but also align with regulatory standards, OneFlow emerges as a beacon of innovation. But what sets it apart? The recent approval from the Inland Revenue Department catapults OneFlow into a league of its own, making it more than just accounting software—it's a catalyst for seamless compliance and efficient billing practices.

OneFlow's Free Accounting Software: A Glimpse into Excellence

OneFlow's journey begins with a commitment to provide accessible financial tools for businesses, especially small enterprises, in Nepal. The recent IRD approval adds a layer of authenticity and trust, making it a go-to choice for entities of all sizes. But what exactly does OneFlow bring to the table?

1. A Complimentary Taste of Excellence: OneFlow understands the hesitations surrounding costs. Hence, the free accounting software is not just a trial; it's an invitation to experience the power of top-tier financial management without upfront expenses.

2. Generosity in Limits, Perfect for SMEs: Tailored for small businesses, the free version of OneFlow generously allows up to 50 transactions, 10 contacts, and 10 products without incurring any costs. It's an ideal solution for startups and SMEs seeking to optimize their finances without the burden of hefty subscription fees.

3. Effortless Upgrade Paths: The beauty lies in scalability. As businesses grow, so do their accounting needs. With a seamless and free upgrade option, businesses can transition effortlessly to an advanced version, accommodating expanded transaction volumes, increased contacts, and a broader product listing.

4. User-Friendly Interface - No Cost Attached: OneFlow's user-friendly interface, designed for simplicity, is not a premium feature—it comes standard, even in the free version. The aim is to ensure that users, regardless of their accounting expertise, can navigate and manage their finances effortlessly.

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5. Tailored for Nepal's Unique Business Environment: OneFlow's free accounting software isn't a generic offering. It's meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of businesses in Nepal. Compliance with local tax regulations, including VAT and TDS, and seamless integration with the Nepali date system, make OneFlow an authentic choice for businesses.

6. Cloud-Based Accessibility, Forever Free: The free version operates on a cloud-based platform, providing businesses with the freedom to access their financial data from anywhere, at any time. This feature aligns with the evolving trend of remote work and collaborative practices, making data sharing secure and hassle-free.

7. Real-Time Financial Insights - Without the Price Tag: Even in the free version, OneFlow provides real-time insights into financial data. Businesses can monitor their financial health daily, make informed decisions with generated reports, and stay ahead of the curve—all without spending a penny.

The IRD Approval: A Pivotal Moment for OneFlow

The narrative takes a profound turn with the Inland Revenue Department's approval of OneFlow as an approved Electronic Billing Software. In a regulatory landscape where compliance is non-negotiable, this endorsement solidifies OneFlow's position as a trustworthy solution for businesses.

The Inland Revenue Department has mandated that entities with transactions exceeding 5 crores adopt electronic billing software for billing purposes. This aligns with the global trend towards digitalization and enhances transparency and efficiency in financial transactions.

Humanizing the Experience:

Imagine being a business owner navigating the complex world of financial management. The IRD approval of OneFlow isn't just a validation of its technical capabilities; it's a lifeline for businesses aiming to navigate the regulatory maze with ease.

The story of OneFlow's approval is a tale of collaboration between innovative technology and human needs. It's about businesses finding a reliable partner, a tool that not only simplifies their financial processes but also ensures they meet the regulatory standards without added complexities.



In conclusion, OneFlow's journey from being a reliable free accounting software to securing the coveted approval from the Inland Revenue Department is a testament to its commitment to excellence. The free version opens doors for businesses to experience financial management without barriers, and the IRD approval adds a layer of credibility that businesses can trust.

OneFlow is not just accounting software; it's a companion on the journey towards financial success. The recent approval ensures that businesses can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that they have a partner that not only understands their needs but also aligns seamlessly with regulatory requirements.

Ready to experience the future of financial management? OneFlow invites you to sign up for free and witness the transformative power of IRD-approved accounting software. Click here to begin your journey towards seamless compliance and efficient financial management. Your business deserves the best, and with OneFlow, the best is now within reach.